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Horeca Folding Chair Horeca Folding Chair
CONTRACT / HO.RE.CA. / COLLECTIVITY Sturdy Folding Chair Horeca , ideal in the Catering and Catering sector and in general...
Simpla Collectivity Chair Simpla Collectivity Chair
CONTRACT / COLLECTIVITY Multifunctional stackable monocoque chair for Public Spaces, Events and Shows, Concerts, Theatrical...
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"Plus" Wooden Armchair

"Plus" Wooden Armchair

Multi-function, stackable armchair for use in meeting rooms, conference rooms, offices, waiting rooms and numerous other environments; the ideal solution for public and private companies, schools and universities, conference centres, hotels and hospitals.
4-legged metal frame available in black or grey paint or chrome-plated finish. Natural beechwood seat and backrest.
Up to 6 chairs - with or without armrests - can be stacked on the floor or on a trolley.
Up to 3 chairs with flip-down writing surfaces can be stacked on the floor or on a trolley.

Optional extras: Chair-carrier trolley / Coupling hooks / Armrests / Flip-down writing surfaces / Version on wheels / Document-holder basket / Trolleys.

Discover the whole PLUS collection: chairs, armchairs, sled chairs, beam chairs, operator chairs, with seat and backrest in leather, wood or upholstery.
Also available: version with upholstered seat and mesh backrest.
  • Made in Italy
  • Stackable