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"Felix" Plastic Chair "Felix" Plastic Chair


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"Felix" Plastic Chair

"Felix" Plastic Chair

Multifunctional stackable chair for exhibitions and events, communities, canteens, meeting rooms, meetings and conferences, office, waiting area and other multiple uses.
4 legs frame in painted metal Black Ral 9005, Gray Ral 7003, Chrome or White Ral 9003.

Also available with outdoor frame painting.

Polypropylene monocoque seat available in the following colors: Blue Ral 5014 / Orange Ral 2003 / Black Ral 9005 / Green Pantone 749EL / White 218 / Gray Ral 7003 / Sand Ral 1019 / Red Ral 527.

Optional: Seat panel to be upholstered / Fireproof polypropylene / Sled frame / Chair trolley / Side hooks for joining chairs / Armrests and Writing tablet with cup holder and pen holder / Antipanic joint for writing tablet / Outdoor version.

CATAS certified

Felix is ​​the evolution of the monocoque. The new and particular photoengraving of the seat and the double superimposed design of the perforated backrest give a strong and decisive character to a chair that makes comfort its strong point. Eight new trendy colors and the optional upholstery seat panel allow different and attractive combinations, because Felix wants to be new. Available in a large number of versions that also include those dedicated to the outdoors.
  • Made in Italy
  • Catas
  • Stackable
  • Also Fireproof