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How to SEARCH for the product you want

Searching for your chosen product or product family couldn't be easier. All you need to do is to fill out the 'KEYWORD' field in the search box, entering your keywords or the product code, then decide whether you want to search through the entire catalogue or to filter the results, selecting a specific category (via the 'CHOOSE THE CATEGORY' list), then click on the 'SEARCH' button. The search results can be further refined thanks to the presence of the smart search box, which memorises the most recent search conducted.

All of the browsing tools

Alongside the SEARCH function, there are two other methods by which you can consult the CENTROSEDIA product catalogue: browsing by PRODUCT CATEGORY and browsing by SECTOR OF USE.

Browse by Product Category

Browsing by PRODUCT CATEGORY is the classic method: users browse the product categories in order to view all of the products in the selected category. [ Go to... ]

Browse by Sector of Use

Browsing by SECTOR OF USE is possible thanks to the classification of the entire product catalogue on the basis of the main Sectors of Use (e.g. offices, hotels, schools, etc.). Users have access to a powerful filter, enabling them to narrow their searches to include only the recommended products for the indicated sector. [ Go to... ]